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EMX is the MATRIX Thick Turret line, the result of decades of research and experience in the punching sector. The need to provide our customers with a range of excellent quality punching tools has always driven us to make continuous improvements.

EMX is the thick turret tooling line that guarantees maximum performance and easy availability.

We offer the B, C, D and E holders for classic one-piece punches or in the innovative iEM insert version, with both traditional and guided strippers (for heavy-duty machining).

EMX Thick Turret: reliable, compatible, high-performing

A very high degree of compatibility with the different types of tooling present on the market, recognized reliability and rapid availability are the strengths of the EMX thick turret line.

More information on the EMX Ata Thick Turret can be found in the dedicated catalog, designed to help you choose the right tool (punch, die and stripper) for the type of punch-holder present on your machine. MATRIX also offer a line of compatible tools for customers with Air Blow/Standard or W90 punch-holders. The use of innovative iEM inserts instead of traditional one-piece punches, either directly in the EMX punch-holder specifically for inserts or using appropriate adapters (for Airblow, W90, standard or lubricated systems), optimizes costs without impinging on performance.

W, G AND R series punch-holders for total compatibility

The three series of W, G and R punch-holders have been created specifically for the EMX line and allow the new iEM inserts to be used either directly in the punch-holder or with dedicated adapters.

  • The W series punch-holder is compatible with the most common types of tools. It guarantees flexibility, ease of use, high performance and adjustment up to 12 mm.
  • The G series punch-holder is the top of the MATRIX range. It offers the same degrees of flexibility and compatibility as the W series, but it also allows the stripper to be changed more quickly in larger stations without the need for keys.
  • The R series punch-holder satisfies the needs of those looking for excellent performance and maximum cost-effectiveness. It is available in both lubricated and non-lubricated versions. It is suitable for heavy-duty machining.

Browse the online catalog and find out more about the MATRIX Thick Turret punching tools:

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