Surface coating


In order to improve working characteristics, the surface of all punches can be coated; this treatment gives the tool surface a considerably greater hardness and self-lubrication. MATRIX uses two types of coatings, Type A (Titanium Nitrite) and type B (Titanium-Aluminum Nitrite).

The Type A coating is yellow-gold in color, and provides the punch with a surface hardness which is up to four times higher and an optimal self-lubrication capability with a friction coefficient equal to 0,44. It is recommended for very demanding working processes, without lubrication or with soft materials which are difficult to be pulled, such as copper or aluminum alloys.

Type B coating is grey in color and is an evolution of the previous type which gives a greater hardness and a better compactness on the tool surface for a longer tool life; this coating withstands higher temperature, slightly lower than 900°. Because of these characteristics, it is recommended in cases of high speed punching machines (500:1000 strokes per minute) and it’s also excellent for STAINLESS STEEL processing.

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