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Solutions for common issues

ProblemPossible causesSolutions
Excessive burr
  • Incorrect clearence between punch and die
  • Worn tools
  • Misaligned components
  • Restore correct clearence
  • Sharpen or replace tools
  • Check alignment
Punch or die breaking
  • Incorrect clearence
  • Critical corners related to thickness
  • Punch section inadequate to thickness
  • Restore correct clearence
  • Modify the tool with adequate radii
  • Contact our sales dept
Punch does not extract
  • Incorrect clearance between punch and die
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Hard material
  • Ineffectual extraction system
  • Tool limit
  • Restore correct clearance
  • Lubrificate or, if it is not possible, use coated punches
  • Revise clearance
  • Replace spring or pre-load
  • Pass to next station or, if it is not possible, contact our sales dept
Punch galling
  • Insufficient die clearance
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Hard materials or excessive speed

  • Restore correct clearance
  • Lubricate or, if it is not possible, use coated punches
  • Reduce nibbling speed
Excessive tool wear
  • Incorrect clearance between punch and die
  • Hard or abrasive material
  • Misaligned components
  • Inadequate nibbling
  • Ineffectual extraction
  • Poor sharpening
  • Restore correct clearance
  • Usare utensili rivestiti
  • Check the program

  • Check and carry out maintenance more frequently
  • See point “punch does not extract”
Scrap pulling
  • It mainly occurs on small diameter and with material thickness up to 1,5 mm
  • The punch is glued or oil gets the scrap stuck
  • Increase penetration into die or use whisper sharpened punches
  • Always demagnetise after sharpening, clean the excessive oil or replace it with a more fluid one

Piece deformation
  • Incorrect clearance between punch and die
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Holes are in a too close sequence

  • Restore correct clearance
  • Lubricate or use whisper punches

  • Reprogram alternating punching sequence
Cutting edges breaking
  • Punch system axial flexure
  • Scrap pulling and consequent double side shearing thickness (fig. 1)
  • Inadequate nibbling step
  • Inadequate extraction (fig. 2a)
  • An excessive extraction load might cause tears or chips on the punch face. (fig. 2b)
  • Check guide tolerance and wear

  • Check clearances, slug retention or punch press stroke
  • Check and modify program

  • Replace spring or pass to next station

Scraps coming off because of punch breaking and flying around might cause severe injuries


Insufficient extraction deforms the material causing an extremely high extraction load


High extraction loads might cause tears or chips on the punch face

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