Nibbling signs

What is the issue?

Quite often to perform a simple and common nibbling with a rectangular or square tools, might give aesthetical problems. These problems are clearer on certain types of materials or applications.

Tell us what went wrong

Q: why do we obtain small marks on the sheared sheet edge?
A: These marks are a consequence of nibbling. These deformations show the “separation” between two hits and might become a big problem when the sheet metal must be visible, without finishing operations. This gets worse when we work on materials which highlight these signs.


The final result might not be acceptable when the part shows nibbling marks.

Don’t worry, MATRIX is here to share its experience with you.


“We have the solution to obtain shearing without marks.” – MATRIX

How to limit the problem?

The answer is easy: with a mix of standard shapes it is possible to limit drastically these signs, up to eliminate them.

Is this an expensive solution?

Absolutely no! No additional costs more than a standard set of tools. No machine updating is needed. All stays the same, with costs limitation and better quality of the final product.

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Shearing with nibbling marks

Shearing with nibbling marks

Shearing without nibbling marks

Shearing without nibbling marks

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