The MultiMATRIX tool line is a multi-tool range of patented solutions. MultiMATRIX tools maximize system rigidity while minimizing the wear on consumable parts. The series is available in a variety of models, with between 4 and 10 tools and tool diameters from 16 to 31.7 mm, and in rotating indexing versions.

The tools in the MultiMATRIX line have the best axial stability on the market. Matrix was the first manufacturer in the world to develop and offer long-guide tools for a Thick Turret multitool.

Matrix produces different types of Multitool: MultiMatrix 4B (4 tools for B stations), MultiMatrix 6/24 (6 tools with a maximum diagonal of 24 mm), MultiMatrix 10/18 (10 tools with a maximum diagonal of 18 mm), MultiMatrix 8/16 (8 tools with a maximum diagonal of 16 mm).

The latest Multitool to be developed by the Matrix R&D department is the MultiMATRIX 16/12.7, which is dedicated to the new generation of Salvagnini punching machines: 16 tools with a maximum diagonal of 12.7 mm, in a single standard D station. There is nothing similar present on the market today: all the tools for this record-breaking Multitool can be adjusted for sharpening three times the standard (up to 9 mm). Each individual tool can also be adjusted in as many as 8 different positions, thanks to an innovative octagonal stripper.

The extensive Matrix product range also features tools that are compatible with the most popular Multitools on the market (the MultiMT and MultiW lines).

MULTIMATRIX: adjustable tool

MATRIX has been offering a patented solution for thick turret multi-tools since as far back as 2007: an adjustable tool that can triple tool life through the combined use of a universal head and a punch with a threaded end.

This combination allows the total height of the combo to be adjusted in just a few seconds, efficiently and without the need for keys.

This rapid tool change, with no need to open the MultiMATRIX or have specialized operators, is one of the strong points of the Matrix Multitool line.

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