The first rule to follow: punching is a shearing process for which, in order to get a good result, lubrication of the shearing area is a must. Lubrication is very important on punching machines, particularly on punching stamps. During punching, small quantities of material stick to the punch surface. A proper lubricant reduces friction and overheating significantly also reducing material build up on the punch surface, thus improving tool life.

To minimize the negative events described above Matrix can supply lubricant and shearing oils for different working requirements. Evaporable oils are also available wherever grease waste must be avoided.

If for some reason lubrication is a problem, the best solution is to use punches which have an appropriate coating depending on the type of sheet metal being used. Our technical office is at your disposal for any clarification.



Aspect: Liquid, clear limpid
Color: Light brown
Density at 15º C: Kg/l 1,092
Viscosity at 40º C: mm2/s 32
Flash point: > 180° C

A special light brown fluid researched and produced to solve all those technical problems related to fine shearing. The additive pack allows longer life punches and dies, as well as giving geometric and dimensional precision and an excellent surface roughness on sheared sections. MTX 06 thanks to its chemical-physics characteristic, undergoes low viscosity variation when operating temperatures change. It also has good antirust power and is easy to wash. MTX 06 can be applied by spray, brush or by roll but it is important to apply it evenly to the shearing area.

Supply: 5 lt can
Code: F680HR00.004



Aspect: Liquid
Density at 20º C: Kg/m3 780
Viscosity at 25º C: mm2/s 1,92
Flash point: > 62° C

MTX010 has been created for all those technical problems related to aluminum shearing or for all other materials, according to their specific application. MTX010 evaporates slowly and leaves a light residual film. In the case of paint and varnish application, and welding (TIG, MIG, Laser, etc..) cleaning is not required. MTX010 can be used by means of felt, drop by drop or with specific low pressure pulverization systems.

Supply: 5 lt can
Code: F680AJ00.004



Aspect: Liquid
Density at 20º C: Kg/m3 780
Viscosity at 20º C: mm2/s 1,22
Flash point: > 45° C

MTX125 has been created in answer to the technical problems which occur related to fine shearing, particularly for difficult operations when working different steels and stainless steels.
Quick evaporation and imperceptible residual film. In case of painting (cadmium plating, passivation, etc) cleaning is not required. MTX125 can be used by mean of felt, drop to drop or with specific low pressure pulverization systems.

Supply: 5 lt can
Code: F680QR00.004

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