The word ‘innovation’

As we wrote in our presentation of the company, Matrix has set itself the goal of exceeding expectations.
We feel that we must take a closer look at the word ‘innovation’ and what it really means for us.
Everybody uses the word nowadays; it seems to communicate something magical, but it isn’t like that.
Everybody claims to be an innovator, but when the term goes unexplained the impression given is that of an empty slogan
This is one of the reasons why we have decided to share our specialised solutions and you can read about them here…

Innovation is not just about updating technical knowledge or the ability to communicate motivations and describing innovative solutions. It is a way of thinking, a business culture where the doors are wide open to change.
This is the spirit which is the cornerstone for every project Matrix undertakes.

From the outset of our story we have facilitated the evolution of our organisation.
The focus is always on the stimuli which come from our business partners and from within our own team.
We have decided to share our thoughts with you, because this represents the ultimate challenge for us which we accept in accordance with our clients and team.

As soon as it is clear that an innovative solution is needed the final outcome is not certain. Taking on this responsibility is a major part of what being innovators is really about. When innovating, one accepts the risk that a successful outcome may not be immediate, but it is the only way to reach new solutions.

When we are asked for innovative solutions we design and produce the items, but we will only sell a tool when it works perfectly. We overcome the challenges and win. No matter what the task we push past the limits and further our knowledge. Our opinion on what the word innovation means comes from 35 years of history and experience: we thank you for your business and the opportunity to grow together day by day.

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