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Grinding and tool wearing

The importance of maintenance

Professional sharpening and maintenance, give lasting and consistent performance to punching tools.

All this can be done by punching machine operators using sharpening machines and accessories for an easy, quick and low-cost operation.
Matrix can satisfy any customer’s needs, thanks to our range of machines and accessories.
Specific documentation is available on demand.

Sharpening the tools when the first signs of wear appear is recommended, so that the material removed will be minimum and because tool wear increases exponentially.
We recommend using a borazon grinding wheel, known as cold cut, or soft grinding wheel.
When removing material, quantities must be small with abundant refrigeration.
Non-compliance with these rules can cause loss of hardness and possibly micro cracks leading to tool breakage.

After grinding it is necessary to demagnetize the tools to avoid annoying scrap pulling; it is also necessary to restore the punch height if this is adjustable or if not adjust the machine stroke.
For high thicknesses we suggest using punches with enlarged rake (SPM) and dies with a bigger clearance.

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