Case History


In 1998 the limit for the multitool high tower is a maximum thickness of 3 mm.

We exceeded that

In the same year, for the first time in the world, we designed, built and launched the MultiMATRIX line on the market and we pushed the limit out to 6 mm.


In 2004 the maximum capacity of multitools on the high tower station D was 8 tools with a maximum diameter of 16 mm, capable of working on a maximum thickness of 3 mm.

We exceeded that

In the same year we presented the MultiMATRIX 10/18 which increased the capacity to 10 tools and increased the maximum diameter to 18 mm, and capable of working on thicknesses up to 6 mm.


The standard tools inserted in the multitool can be sharpened to a maximum of 2 mm.
Every sharpening must be also followed by the setting of a new penetration measurement in the punch CN.

We exceeded that

In 2007, for the first time in the world, we designed, patented and commercialised a line of tools for multitool featuring an adjustable head, we took the sharpening to a new maximum of 6 mm and we eliminated the need to modify the settings on the CN.


The normal tower D station allows the making of a hole with a maximum diameter of 88,9 mm.

We exceeded that

We designed a special tool for our partner for the same D station which is able to make a hole up to a maximum diameter of 100 mm.
This allowed us to sell a new plant and to beat the competition which had judged the request impossible.


There are many cases of special applications which others state are impossible to realise.

We go beyond

Matrix considers this the ultimate challenge, which we take on in agreement with our client.
We both know that a solution is not a given, but we design and we produce: we commit to selling the application only if it works perfectly.
We often win the challenge.

On each occasion we push beyond the limits and gain further experience

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