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iEM inserts: break the compromises


Now you will no longer have to choose between performance and convenience.

The new iEM inserts designed and produced by Matrix are as reliable and precise as the traditional integral punches thanks to a simple mechanical locking system.

Mach-Tech 2019 Exhibition

Matrix will be present also in Hungary this year!

From May 14th to 17th the technicians of our Hungarian partner ADVANTEC will be available at booth 110G, hall A.

The Mach-Tech 2019 fair will be an opportunity to have the MGM 150A automatic sharpening machine tested, also for Hungarian sheet metal professionals.

Want to try sharpening one of your punches or a die? Bring them to the fair!

Lamiera Exhibition 15th-18th May, Milan

Also this year Matrix Tools takes part in Lamiera, a regular appointment to meet our Italian and foreign customers, listen to their needs, answer their questions and present all our news!


From May,15th to 18th visit us in Hall 15, Stand 29 represented by Matrix Italian dealer, AMG Tools Service. Matrix technicians and customer care and AMG Tools experts will be available for questions, curiosities and proposals.

iEM inserts for Thick Turret B Station

A high-performance system with cost-efficient tool management: the new iEM inserts and adaptors . (lubricated, standard, W90 and Air Blow).

The end user who has different punch holder brands can use the same identical insert without thinking about the technical specifications: the iEM insert is fully compatible with every holders in the market.

Insert-holder adaptors are made from suitably treated steels to guarantee their long life and resistance to stress during machining.

The iEM system (insert + adaptor) is a single solid body, rigid and precise with the same performances as traditional punch but much more reliable than the other inserts systems in the market.

The locking system is easy to use and solid because the insert is mechanically blocked through a metric screw, no special keys are needed.

Less wear, less break risks, more punching life and reliability.

The inserts, produced with the quality that has always been our hallmark, ensure significant savings in terms of spare part purchases and figure changes, and guarantee high performance.

Nibbling signs

What is the issue?

Quite often to perform a simple and common nibbling with a rectangular or square tools, might give aesthetical problems. These problems are clearer on certain types of materials or applications.

Tell us what went wrong

Q: why do we obtain small marks on the sheared sheet edge?
A: These marks are a consequence of nibbling. These deformations show the “separation” between two hits and might become a big problem when the sheet metal must be visible, without finishing operations. This gets worse when we work on materials which highlight these signs.


The final result might not be acceptable when the part shows nibbling marks.

Don’t worry, MATRIX is here to share its experience with you.


Galling Effect

What is the issue?

Despite the common thinking punching on aluminum requires special attention, if is a cluster tool the attention needs to be multiplied.

Tell us what went wrong

Q: why am I finding littles slugs on the sheet?
A: check the penetration of the tool into the die, often a short stroke ends up in stacking of the slug. This increases the tonnage and can create slug pull. A correct tool penetration should be 2,5-3 mm into the die.

Q: why are the inserts breaking prematurely?
A: the dust particles removed from the punch create what is called a “galling effect”. The particles attach to the punch surface with a process called “cold welding”. Punch thickness increases and the die tolerance is no longer correct, punch gets stuck, machines axis move and the crack happens!


Soft is not always good, hardness is not always the issue, some soft materials can be more problematic than hard ones.

No worries MATRIX is here to share their experience with you.


Matrix and Salvagnini

Extensive opportunities thanks to new collaboration
As part of the company’s ongoing development and expansion, Matrix sealed an important cooperation with Salvagnini, a European multinational group operating in machine tools sector and one of the leading companies in sheet metalworking systems.

Read the press release…

Lamiera in Milano 2017

From the 17th of May through the 20th we’ll be exhibiting at Lamiera in Milano. We look forward to meeting you during this trade show which is the most important one in our sector.

Matrix will introduce you its story, products and the latest news such as the new MGM150 A grinding machine or our forming kits.

You’ll welcome to Pavillon 15, booth F10 (

The word ‘innovation’

As we wrote in our presentation of the company, Matrix has set itself the goal of exceeding expectations.
We feel that we must take a closer look at the word ‘innovation’ and what it really means for us.
Everybody uses the word nowadays; it seems to communicate something magical, but it isn’t like that.
Everybody claims to be an innovator, but when the term goes unexplained the impression given is that of an empty slogan
This is one of the reasons why we have decided to share our specialised solutions and you can read about them here…

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