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Exceeding expectations
Matrix has set itself this goal

From time to time requests come in that seem impossible to deliver
Some say: it cannot be done
We take on the challenge and come out on top for our customers

Founded in 1982

Since 1992 we have specialised in designing, manufacturing and supplying tools for the working of sheet metal to clients all over the world

At the heart of our corporate culture is close collaboration with all our partners

This is what inspires us and pushes us to make a difference


Discover here some examples of Clear Difference

Product line

01 Torretta Alta01 Torretta Alta
02 Jetform02 Jetform
03 Multimatrix03 Multimatrix
04 Trumpf04 Trumpf
05 Tagliaferri05 Tagliaferri
06 Affilatura06 Affilatura


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